Pumping sucks

But it doesn't have to.
And you can help.

Ever used a breast pump?

For 8 out of 10 women, it really sucks. For 15% it's straight-up damaging.

Why? Because data on nipple sizes just doesn’t exist (unless it’s to design the “perfect” breast, or algorithms to censor women’s bodies on social media).

And you can’t design a comfy pump without it.

The solution? It's your nipples.

Got nipples, 2 minutes and a ruler?

You can change how women experience pumping by sharing your measurements.

It’s anonymous, and you don’t need to have pumped, breastfed, or have kids.

What'll you do with my data?

We’ll use your (anonymous) nipple measurements to publish an international nipple encyclopedia, helping us (and others) to design products for women that don’t leave us in pain.

You’ll also be part of a movement that’s demanding an answer to the question – why is women’s pain routinely ignored?

I want to help

Who's behind this?

We are Milkdrop, a group of Australian engineers and designers (and mums and parents) who believe women shouldn't be an afterthought when designing products that will be used by them.

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